My name is Cesar Diaz, I'm an IT professional doing web development fromSanta Fe city in Argentina.


I have experience in web development and linux systems environments, mostly using Debian or Ubuntu .

I used to work doing desktop apps many years ago before to know free software technologies(yes, I used to work over Windows environment with VBasic, all people starts somewhere). After that, I used to work doing web development with Php, but nowadays I work 100% doing Ruby on Rails web development.

Always trying to learn about new technologies, agile development and the right way to do things . I really love work with high traffic apps as social nets, Crm software and things like that.


I work withFLOSStools and control version systems such as GIT and SVN. For deploy system I work withCapistranothat makes the work be less painfull.


Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Cucumber, Capybara, Rspec2, Html, Haml, Css, Git, Svn, MySql, Postgres, SQLite, Riak, CouchDb

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